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Southern Legitimacy Statement:

Nicole Yurcaba is a West Virginian bear huntin’ poet, backwoods feminist, farm hand, adjunct instructor of English—basically a Jill-of-all-trades-mistress-to-none. Her family on the maternal side hails from Southern West Virginia and Kentucky. She is finely trained in the Southern art of bear huntin’ and ‘coon-huntin’ with hound (RIP–IKE). When not writing poetry or short stories, she enjoys outfishing and outhunting her father and boyfriend in the wild mountains of eastern West Virginia. In the schools where she teaches, she is the only instructor to teach class while wearing cowgirl-cut Wranglers, Laredo cowboy boots, and a Confederate flag belt buckle.

In life, she refuses to buy a map; doing so could ruin everything.


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Nicole Yurcaba: White December