Yeehaw! It’s still summer. The Mule’s got a new look!

The July issue of the Dead Mule of Southern Literature will be online shortly. I’m redesigning the theme and setting up the new look. It’s swell when viewed in Safari on my iMac, so be sure and check there as well as on your cell phone.

Meanwhile, pack up the babies and grab the old ladies and everyone goes, cuz everyone knows… Brother Love shows.

Speaking of love. I do love this country. It’s hard to find a bright spot these days, what with women’s rights eroding before our eyes and the coal industry’s purchase of our legislators and Supreme Court justices, but I’m still gonna’ celebrate the Fourth of July because, well because, I think we can stop the madness. I believe in the rule of law. And since birds aren’t real, we can rest easy about being attacked by California condors.

–V MacEwan

*shout out to illustrator and artist supreme, Jeff Drew