April Writer Spotlight – Robert Klein Engler and a bit more…

This month’s poetry rises above the pocosin and flies over our heads toward the astral plain. Having North Carolina’s poet laureate, Joseph Bathanti, join us to create an issue unparalleled in lyrical superiority seemed to compliment our seventeen year online history with sufficient grace but then we began to review our fiction and realized the extent and depth of our brilliance.

Yea, dear writers, for we walk in the ways of the Mule and our beauty springs boundless from the breast of the internet beast. This month’s fiction does more than just abide. It astounds.

Valentine Heinold, Niagra Falls

Fiction? We offer some truly fine writing from the likes of Jessica Wimmer, Diane Bechtler, Frances Badgett, Hannah Thurman, Kevin Winter, and Rachel Kapitan. Publication date: April 15th, so rather than bemoan taxation, celebrate fiction!

Compare Jessica Wimmer’s story with Robert Engler’s and you will get a real sense of how we choose what to publish when.


Spotlight on Robert Klein Engler. This month he gives you a chilling tale (yes, it’s a cliche’ but some writing just damn near chills you to the bone).

Robert Klein Engler lives in Des Plaines, Illinois and sometimes New Orleans. Many of Robert’s poems, stories, paintings and photographs are set in the Crescent City.

His long poem, The Accomplishment of Metaphor and the Necessity of Suffering, set partially in New Orleans, is published by Headwaters Press, Medusa, New York, 2004. He has received an Illinois Arts Council award for his “Three Poems for Kabbalah.” If you google his name, then you may find his work on the Internet. (*Mule note: This is true with all Mule writers and is the reason why we ask those who submit not send any bony fides, on account of we can google ya’ll.)

Link with him at Facebook.com to see examples of his recent paintings and photographs. Some of his books are available at Lulu.com. Mr. Engler is represented by OnView Gallery, 139 N. Northwest Hwy, Park Ridge, IL, 224.585.0503.

web: RobertKleinEngler.com

After reading through Mr. Engler’s work, we followed this link to an online one stop photopoetic multicultural diversification source not previously known to us, called Border Hopping. Don’t know how we missed it. Ya’ll need to check it out. Try the Facebook Border Hopping page (click on link) and “like” ’em, hell — tell ’em The Dead Mule sent you, on account of Mr. Engler’s link to them! Confuse them.


Interview: Adirondack Review Interview


Mule caveat: Links work today, April 11, 2013. Links often do not work months or years hence. This is one reason we rarely create author spotlights containing links but links it is with this…

*and that’s my grandfather, Valentine Herman Fritz Heinold, at Niagara Falls. The note on the back of the card “Just before this picture was taken we were splashed with a big wave of the rapids. We were standing where the mark is on the picture. The picture was taken at Niagara Falls at the Whirl Pool Rapids. The picture shows how much we appreciated the splash. (signed) Val
(the X is to the right of the man on the right, my Grandfather Val, straight across from his elbow, a smudge on the rock. This postcard ranks high in my list of favorite items.