Flash Fiction Competition Winner and Honorable Mentions

Wow! What an amazing bunch of talent we have here in Dead Mule Territory. Had over 85 entries in the Flash Fiction Competition.

The fierce competition is over and we have a winner! We will publish the Winner and Five Honorable Mentions in the June 2019 Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.


It is Finished by Matt Starr

Honorable Mentions, in no particular order:

Mud Tracks by Brandon Daily
Solace by W Goodwin
John Cassaday by Jerry Hogan
Devil Dogs by Michael Worthington

I will attempt to publish the names of all writers, contestants so to speak, in a future post. For now!! Celebrate with Matt, Brandon and all the others and a hearty thank you to the 85 writers who sent us their work.

June 2019.

Valerie MacEwan

CL Bledsoe

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