Jesse Miller: See It To Believe It (micro-fiction)

Southern Legitimacy Statement: parts of this world differ from others in the oddest, saddest and most real ways. and in those same differences we find similarities. such is my south. such are all places. towns of the south are often islands. and islands are often their own little terrifying worlds. here is one little island. watch from the boat.

See It To Believe It

the town was overrun with abandonment. critters of swamp Georgia roamed the streets as if on errand. when the good folks of the little town left those months ago no one remembered the old blind man. he sat on the bench of the corner store day after day waiting on someone to take his arm and maybe walk awhile. he could hear the animals of the swamp scurry about foraging, fighting, living.

a last morning the old man stood and stretched. he scratched his bearded jaw and stepped off the walk into the street. rodents scattered beneath his shoes. an eight-foot alligator lay in the middle of the street, sunning. the old blind man walked out into this street and crossed with the alligator right in his path. while stumbling over its tail, the startled beast whipped about and snapped its jaws, beheading him. his old man’s head rolled violently away and came to rest against the sidewalk. his old blind man’s grey eyes peering out over the street. the reptile. his old man’s torso.

they blinked.

Author: Posted by Dead Mules