William Wright Harris: Four Ekphrastik Poems

dance of the veils

picasso painted her with

accenting the muscles
under neath

her skin shaded in green
eyes closed & naval pointing

lips pressed
to gether as

bodies embracing




debris christ

the exposed roots of
an uprooted tree
a crown of thorns
a boat empty and dilapidated
a torso hungry for
a centurion’s spear
roof tiles- stones- branches
limbs stretched in suffering
& left under the sun
dali’s earthware
in an olive grove


human misery

isn’t a life of toil in a field
picking grapes for some
one else to eat
it isn’t death
standing to the side
almost a shadow on the
periphery of existence
it is the daily anguish
caused by waking & taking

gauguin understood

zincograph on simili- japon paper



number 9 a- 1948- oil on canvas- 16×59 inches- whitespace staring up from the canvas as much a member of the palette as the blue red & yellow paint sitting in the middle of the runes glyphs & sigils inscribed in black paint somehow dancing in a jungian ballet- jackson pollock screaming no chaos dammit