Andy Betz (Jan 2019)

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I was born and raised in Missouri and now live (very, very) close to Atlanta. With the exception of college, I have spent my entire life in the South.


An assassin’s doctor
Ancient brick starter material
Sling to insult
Facial mask soothing
Eye socket counterpart during champagne toasting
Ghost pottery wheel kiss and embrace
Ankle deep gauge of mild trouble
Knee deep gauge of more-than-mild trouble
Colloquial term for plaster
Standard for water clarity
Water standard for blues recording
Toe squishing friend

Pocket Watch Kid

Don’t ask me why
I just know
I’ve seen it before
It just shows

Nobody loves me
Very few care
Nobody wants me
But everyone stares

I come when summoned
I’m on display
I better be accurate
On every day

I get one chance
To prove my worth
I’m always terrified
Ever since birth

I’m a pocket watch kid
Who need never be
Put away when finished
Wanted infrequently

la fine

A Fair face with sharp eyes has a vision
Beholden with sight so blessed and so cursed
Bound to truth that no lie may pass her lips
One of three diviners knitted by blood
Her mother grounded in the distant past
Bygone is never goneby in her mind
Fair Face exists in time yet to unfold
Accuracy with details yet to pass
Her daughter, womb encased, knowledge of lies
Recognizing those who will use such tongue
Triangle inheritance of true sight
Genetically shared by this trio
Triangle inheritance of cursed sight
Where daughter will be the last so endowed