Chris Epenshade :: Roadkill ::


Southern Legitimacy Statement, I am proud to have had seven pieces published by the Dead Mule School. I was raised in North Carolina, and I went to college and grad school in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. When I lived in High Point and rode my Kawasaki to work in Greensboro, I would let the Cheerwine trucks cut in line. Because, well, Cheerwine.


Too slow crow in the roof rack
A songbird in the grille
Skunk skank in the wheel well
My truck sure likes to kill

Barrel bits in the oil pan
Orange flag wedged tight in the springs
Hard hat on the axle
Why does Truck do these things?

Red roses in the fan belt
Bumper sapped by the old pine tree
Fescue clumped on the muffler
Driveway’s a loose concept, you see

Ball-cleaner through the windshield
18th flag sailing out behind
Sand spray from the bunkers
My truck has lost its mind