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Just in case we have any European Dead Mule fans out there, we’ve installed a cookie consent page as well as the requisite notification. If you are reading this from somewhere outside the USA, thank you for visiting. We hope you enjoy our writing and will come back often. We publish a new issue on the first day of every month.

We’ve published a new issue, in this manner, for the last 22+ years. Yup, you heard us right, twenty-two years online. Same owner, same publisher, same editor. It’s been our life’s work, so to speak. So if you’re here, know that we don’t check the cookies, have no clue how they’re on here  but know that WordPress (Our backend software) must have them installed somewhere in the code. We have no knowledge of them or their contents. We figure if we used google analytics, this would enable us to view the cookie content.

So fear not, cookies are not utilized even if they are present. They’re like little ghosts in the machine.

And this month’s Dead Mule! It’s obviously spectacular. Welcome to the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.