New Editors Chosen for the Dead Mule

Our new Poetry Editor is … drum roll please

Denise K. James.

Read her 2012 poetry on the Mule by clicking here.

We’ve got so much news we’re busting at the seams. CL Bledsoe is our new Fiction Editor and we haven’t even had time to write about THAT! So look for more info about ALL the new editors and assistant editors real soon, give me some time to collect my thoughts!

We’re very pleased by the over-whelming response to our call for a Poetry Editor. Is that correct or should it be over-whelming responses? Grammar leaves me on occasion, I can just watch my brain open the Out door as whatever I learned in junior high takes off toward the ether. Yall ever get that? Some call it a brain fart but those in polite society would call it something much more demure and pleasant. A southern turn of phrase perhaps? I become a bit titched in the head, I’m in a tizzy, temporary neuron synapse malfunction?

Where does your grammar go?

Oh, yes, back to Ms. Denise K. James.

With plenty of teaching experience in online coursework, a hefty publication list and a general just downright pleasant demeanor — we chose Denise K. James to be our Poetry Editor.

We will be asking for Assistant Poetry Editors, for poets willing to read and access other poets’ work and to give recommendations to Ms. James. All levels of editor will receive recognition on the Staff Page and links to their work or websites. Give us a little time and the candyman will make every page we bake satisfying and delicious … sorry, our little Turnage Theater showed Willy Wonka last weekend and the brain worms have infested me with the unceasing melody of Candyman.

Wow, talk about stream of consciousness. Perhaps I’d best get back to the business at hand and show Ms. James the ropes. Give us a month or so to get up to speed and then we’ll have a big Mule Poetry Call for Work, perhaps with a t-shirt prize or a mug — from — to honor the latest edition to our staff.