September Fiction and All

One week left before the Dead Mule publishes its October 2016 issue. Get your fill of September this week and enjoy the heck out of the writing. It’s damn skippy good. Look forward to new works on Oct 1.

As always, the Mule is grateful for its writers, its readers, its supporters and the internet. When we published on paper, the hours were long and the work became tedious. Thanks to WordPress and Robert MacEwan for  all his help in keeping this Mule —

The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

for Twenty Years. Readers should note we changed the “theme” for the Mule and in doing so, some of the graphics (images) are fubarred. We’re working to change out the old photos for new ones but we really want to get October’s stories formatted and published before we backtrack. Accept our condolences if your writing has a fubarred graphic, know we will fix it.

Thanks yall, take care — Valerie MacEwan, Editor / Publisher of this here Dead Mule