Andy Betz :: Now I Have Two ::


Southern Legitimacy Statement: I was born and raised in Missouri and now live (very, very) close to Atlanta. With the exception of college, I have spent my entire life in the South.

Now I Have Two

The first, I call Wellington
So distinguished
So genteel
Dignified beyond reproach
Educated beyond his years
Stable as granite

The second, monikered Jonas
Random as the weather
But dependable as a sunrise
Prone to adventure
Despises the solitude
Of being ignored in a crowd

Our paths converged at the county fair
Wellington pursued me pursuing games of chance
Stoically calculating the odds
Adjusting for variables
Both known and unknown
All penultimate to collecting winnings

Jonas discovered my passion for flowers
Scented roses seemed to passe
In his humble opinion
He inaugurated my initiation 
To peonies, gardenia, and lilacs
Serendipity at its best

I became smitten with their dichotomies
And intrigued with my future with either
So much so, I could not choose between the two
My father in his infinite wisdom
Explained I could visit either of his brothers
Or both, for it was my choice