Byron Hoot: Poetry:


Southern Legitimacy Statement: Born and raised in West Virginia now living in The Wilds of Pennsylvania. Once born in Appalachia, you never live any place else in your heart.


I have recycled myself back to where

I began, a hillside outside of Morgantown

where I learned of woods and fishing 

in ponds and butchering cows, dehorning

them and baling hay.  And the stories 

of hunting from an uncle and grandfather 

and an aunt’s boyfriend, learning to fish

in Oil Creek, the Allegheny and taking up

the bow and the gun and fishing pole as 

I became a man.  And now I am a middle-aged

old man living on a hillside alone hunting 

and fishing, reading and writing, giving an 

occasional poetry reading.  Maybe I have not

recycled myself but come full circle.  You know –

“In my end is my beginning, in my beginning my end.”

From one hillside to another.