Chad W. Lutz : Poetry : July 2021

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Hope all is well. I’m writing to you from south North America, bottom cousin to our neighbors (Canada) to the north. I don’t know if that legitimizes my submission, but I’m going out on a limb just to see.

Something Like Language

always makes
me think
of language
as less
or more
of what
it can

not what it describes

doesn’t cure disease
doesn’t put out fires

nature shrugs
at what language
can do

yet we lean on it

we jibber
we blibber
we gossip

we signify
we label

we put our tongues to the test

& at best
it saves lives

at worst
it entertains

if memory is a dream
language is its vehicle

a sound as
foreign as it is
like this pitter
of falling