Danny Barbare :: Pisgah Mountain


Southern Legitimacy Statement: Basically, I’m 60, and I have never left the South. I went North one time to get vitamins. And Thanksgiving once. Other than that, I stayed stuck in Greenville, South Carolina and other Southern states. My accent is deep. I notice North Carolina accent and Charleston accent. Rarely talk to a Northerner. Everyone I know is a Southerner.

Don’t mean I dislike them. I’m just not around them.

Pisgah Mountain

Along the winding Blue Ridge Parkway, the Biltmore
sits in the distant valley. Tunnel through
tunnel leads to Pisgah Mountain
scraggly Mountain Laurel and
Rhododendron grow. The hotel
is in season, always booked.
The store has souvenirs to
remember. The restaurant has
acorn squash. At home I
sweeten it with brown sugar or honey
and cook it. On the porch blue ridge after blue
ridge is a sight to see, a memory like a photograph.