David Kendall :: Resurrection of the Dead Mule


Southern Legitimacy Statement:
A few years in Biloxi, Mississippi
Near the coast of waters blue,
I enjoyed the Southern hospitality
From the local folks I knew.
Hearts as big as the whole outdoors
And warm welcomes as if royalty,
I became “Mister Dave” to all
It was a wonderful experience for me.

I am a man from the West who ventured South
And enjoyed Southern hospitality for a while,
Endured the humidity and hot temperatures
Yet everyone I saw had a smile.

I have written a dozen books on poetry
All in that rhyming sort of way,
Most of my poems are rather long
As they are usually stories, I must say.

From different genres I write my words
Religous, tall tales and critical political views,
Holiday specials and requested events
And sometimes even important news.

Resurrection of the Dead Mule

Laid out on his back, four hooves in the air
He’s as dead as a mule can be,
Struck down by the apathy of man
Who no longer honors integrity.

That old mule meant freedom and liberty
Won to keep our country free,
Maintained by defending our Constitution
That man may be what he wants to be.

We can work with strength or intellect
The Constitution defends us, rich or poor,
A purposeful plan for all of man
In a land which we gave our lives for.

Time to awaken that old dead mule
With some famous Southern hospitality,
“Yes Sir” and “Yes Ma’am” are always said
And y’all are treated as royalty.

Integrity for the honest words of man
And a handshake to seal any deal,
Always spoken, never broken
And sanctioned over a good meal.

But the old mule’s muscles atrophied
Hard work and respect disappeared,
Honor and pride went elsewhere to abide
Because apathy and arrogance appeared.

Now we must resurrect Ol’ Liberty
Get him back up and on his feet,

He’s a grand old beast of burden
Who makes our lives most honorable and sweet.

What must one do to raise Ol’ Liberty?
So honor and integrity will reappear,
Start with respect and Southern hospitality
“Yes Ma’am”, “Yes Sir” and even “Yes Dear”.

Treat others as you wish to be treated
Honor every word from your mouth,
Ensure they are always sweet to the taste
Like those we hear from the South.

These actions will resurrect Ol’ Liberty
As we use politeness, charm and charity,
The forerunners of honor and respect for all
Which creates civility and integrity.

Ol’ Liberty now can stand once more
With his feet firmly on the ground,
Ready to steady our freedoms again
Where honor and integrity are found.