J J Bitters: A Fast Food Burger (poetry)



Late last night I was in a bad mood,
So I sought the comfort of eating fast food.
I bought a burger with a side of fries,
And I’m ashamed to admit they were both supersized.

On my very first bite, the bun was stale,
The beef was like rubber, and the lettuce was pale.
The fries were all cold, the burger unheated;
I doubt a swarm of flies would’ve dared to eat it.

But I finished that meal using all my might
Even though I hated every single bite.
My mood went from moderately depressed to morose
And then I went to bed sweaty and bloated and gross.

My stomach was turning; I was sick as can be,
So I woke up and wrote a message to the future me:
“Life can be rough, so when you’re in a bad mood,
Don’t make it worse by eating fast food!”