May Jordan: “Walking Through”


Walking Through

A Sunday lit with sunlight
made the mountain
of snow we accumulated, shine
as if a glacier at dawn.
I was up-stairs getting dressed
for church when suddenly,
my husband called for me
to come down in a hurry . . .
a giant, chestnut in color,
Cow moose, and her calf
was walking through
but in command like a queen
taking in the view of our place.
She moved with a balance
of both force and grace.
While her new-born calf slid
and nibbled on the bare,
tender apple branches,
These moose know more
about survival and mercy
than we humans
They deserve our respect
and wouldn’t be thoughtlessly
killed for food or sport.
What an amazing sight, Hallelujah,
our God reigns here on earth,
before they escape into the wild
and twisting bull pines of the night.