Paul Jones: “Hell”


About my Southernness: I am still Southern. The other day, I visited the Old St Paul’s Cemetery near Newton, NC. The place is chock full of Setzers, my grandmother’s people. The first one in the ground there came from Heidelberg in 1750. That’s in southern Germany. From what I hear, and who can say, most Setzers have been honest. Or at least not caught. I’m trying to keep that record clean.


A match made in
She made his life
He had to pay
In a handbasket
Hath no fury like
A woman scorned
Bent for leather
A snowball’s chance in
Froze over
Hotter than
Colder than
And high water
On wheels
The road to is paved
A bat out of
All broke loose
Raise! Fire! Bells!
And half of Georgia
And back
Get the out of
You say!
What the!
Shut the up!