Andy Betz : Poetry : Oct 2020

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I was born and raised in Missouri and now live (very, very) close to Atlanta. With the exception of college, I have spent my entire life in the South.

She Would Always Be My Girl

From birth, she was love at first sight
Her eyes set my heart a-whirl
Already coquettish, I knew I was right
She would always be my girl

I swept her away using my boyish charm
She’s my Queen. I’m her Earl
If she struggled, her defenses I would disarm
She would always be my girl

Burmese rubies have no place for her
Declining a single pearl
Emerald pendants she would defer
She would always be my girl

Once I saw her look toward another
A tall young rouge with hair of curl
At that instant, I could smother
For she would always be my girl

But, tis folly to believe her naïve
For she performs better than I
When I asked, her act she would not retrieve
And I know the reason why

I have no right on her future, only her past
The life between spins and twirls
If you love someone, set them free
I will always remember my girl

Marches are for soldiers, but one is for brides
She grew too fast, my Peppermint Swirl
You became his wife when you stood by his side
But, you will always be my girl