CNAME misdirect caused Mule Failure


So, here’s the deal, ya’ll. The CNAME is part of the DNS and the DNS tells the server to open your website. I think? Somehow, in their infinite capacity to screw up websites, GoDaddy changed the CNAME for and the site wouldn’t open with that address. Worked fine, as well as any directory listing after the www. What’s a poor publisher to do?

Freaking learn how to correct the CNAME. So back to coding I go, back to the 1990s when each Mule story/poem/essay was hand-coded (hard coded? I can’t remember the term), in HTML. Interesting times, let me tell you. Ya’ll, we’re all so used to point and click, to copy/paste/insert, we truly forget what’s behind a site, the backend as it’s called. The Mule is a WordPress site, managed by GoDaddy. Why? Because getting hacked and rebuilding the site, 3+ times, got truly annoying so I handed it over to GoDaddy. It’s an interesting hobby, publishing this ezine, are they still called that?

But learn to correct the CNAME I did. Proud moment. Now, I’m not one to go bragging on a fool and if your browser won’t open with, let me know on the Mule’s Facebook page. I use Safari but I checked Chrome and iPhone and iPad.

I’m planning on opening up submissions again by Oct 1, 2023. This summer’s been brutal, family with long covid, rescued a beagle (oh, gosh, isn’t she cute?), and this heat all combined to make Mule submissions fade into the background. I apologize for the tardiness of it all but I’m damn proud to have published a new issue every month.

Ya’ll sent me some fabulous books and chapbooks to peruse and mention. I’m reading them now. Folks published on the Mule can contact me via the Mule Facebook page, DM me, if you want me to consider your work. When I spent time as’s books editor, I had 70+ reviewers writing for me, we did hundreds of books. It was a true art form. And back then, I didn’t send digital copies, publishers sent me books, I mailed them out to reviewers. Life gets easier. Query away.

Wherever you are in this world, peace to you and yours. Wherever you are in this world, I wish you a good tomorrow.