February Dead Mule


Huge issue coming your way. Five more to upload, almost there. I’m about two-thirds of the way through publishing it all. At least 5 more to format before it all goes online. Unfortunately for ya’ll, I have Southern Cultures book study in just a bit. Gotta’ drag my weary bones over to Dr. Dave Loope’s class at the community college. We’re going to discuss Look Homeward, Angel and all things Thomas Wolfe. It promises to be a heavy conversation, eh? That’s a hell of a book. My brain is tired.

UPDATE: 2/05/24
It’s a damn good February 2024 issue for y’all. I’m working on print-on-demand pdf version for downloads, I’m trying to set it up so you can print whatever you want, not the whole website, every issue and post. Give me a few weeks. Thinking maybe there’s a way for Lulu to do this. Any suggestions?