What’s the Collard situation?

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Are you Southern? Then you know what I’m talking about here. Collards. The Collard Man, who sold his produce at the corner of Bridge Street and Third died this year. For months, a large white bow with a lovely silk floral arrangement hung on the utility pole where he parked his truck. I kinda figured everyone in town knew of his sad passing from this mortal coil. He was beloved.

This year, in honor of “The Collard Man”, Mr. Sammy Whitehurst, whom we lost this year, mention “SAMMY” when purchasing any size To-Go container of collards and get a FREE Mini Sweet Potato pie. One thing he never failed to get when delivering our fresh collards each week!! Be thankful this year for your health and family!


I just got back from The Pig. Your Nana was in the store with me. Yes, you know what I mean. Ninety years old, still driving herself around the county, dressed to the nines in classic clothing. “Put together,” as my mom would say. Ironed clothing, precise hair-do, white (not blue) color, carrying a long list created by recipe. Not by ingredient or aisle in the store. By recipe. And this spectacular woman asked me, “Where can I get collards? The Collard Man is not on his corner this year.”

Sadly, I told her of his demise. Another elderly woman came up behind me, joined the conversation, and said we were all gonna miss him. I told them both, “check out King Chicken.” They happily confirmed this information. And off we go, into the holiday season, fully loaded with collards.

Enjoy your holiday, folks.

*Confession. My local Piggly Wiggly sold out to Carly C’s IGA last year. The new and improved, redesigned store created a great new shopping experience. But… let’s be real, ya’ll. If you were writing a story, would you use “The Pig” or “Carly C’s” as a grocery store reference? It’s just that “Carly C’s” doesn’t flow right, not like The K-Mart, The Pig. Call me southern. And man, do I have a story to tell you about the family I know who also sold their store to local Carly C’s, along with the grandmother’s recipes (cakes, chicken salad, barbecue and more).