April 2024. The South is blooming.

The River of Strange

Well, it came in like a lamb and kinda’ stayed that way, except for a couple really crappy rain days. Now it’s April. The Yellowing has begun in full force. Pockets of killer pollen everywhere.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch (does anyone remember that saying?), we’ve given up our backyard to the Three Musketeers who are trying to recreate the surface of the moon. Pearl is the dumbest dog ever and I’m not being mean, really. She probably suffered a TBI when hit by a car, an accident that broke her jaw and scraped up her skin so badly, she had to have special surgery to remove the road rash scar tissue. So how do you not take in a dog like that? And the beagle, Poppy, completely shut down when we took her in last June. She stayed under our bed for months, only coming out when I picked her up and carried her into the yard to relieve herself. Now she’s a happy, healthy girl with friends and family. It took her ten months to find her bark, her beagle howl. The Yard Matron, Ziggy, is 12 and as always, a Jack Russell rules our world. We’ve had six Jack Russells since 1999.

Spring is puppy and kitten time for many. Contact your local shelter or rescue, and offer to help. If you can’t adopt or rescue, then take food and blankets to the facility. They need you.

Onward, ever forward. It’s going to be quite the year, isn’t it?