Edward Supranowicz: Fiction: Nov 2021


Southern Legitimacy Statement: Been a while, and this is not a good one. But when my parents stopped at a Dairy Queen on the way back from Florida, I went to get a drink since it was 90 +. There were two fountains. One had a line of about 50 people; the other was empty. I went to the empty one, and everybody looked at me. Then went I went back to the car, my parents looked terrified, but said nothing. The sign on the fountain without a line read “colored only”.


Maybe things were rough everywhere. Maybe. But they were rough here for sure. I lost this, then that, then a whole lot more. And even after a lifetime of hard work I could not afford a car, whether used or not. So I got to thinking just what a car was, and decided it was something that got you from here to there and had a horn and a light. So I bought myself a miner’s helmet with light and a horn with a rubber squeeze bulb. And I was tooling along feeling fine until the highway patrol stopped me. The officer said I had to have a “slow moving vehicle” sign on my butt. Well, those things are heavy, so I got some suspenders to keep my pants from falling down. So on I went and if I saw a “honk if you love Jesus “  bumper sticker, I’d honk. And  I’d honk at any pretty girl I saw, but they didn’t respond the way they did when I had a Crown Vic. People are strange, you know?