The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

Happy New Year to our Mule Readers


This year, 2018 (duh) promises to be an extraordinary one for the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. We’re seeing many of our promising talented writers turn into NOVELISTS right before our very eyes. Look forward to book reviews and notices throughout the coming year. Our 21st year, I might add.

If you too have a book due to come out in 2018 (like our dear Claire Fullerton does) please let us know so we can post a blurb or a review. We’re so very proud of all of you.

It seems as if April is shaping up to be poetry month again. Look forward to some find verse every month, but especially in April.

That’s about it for now. Ya’ll have a good new year start and may this weather continue to thaw over the next few days. We of the “100+ year old southern house” salute the snow but will be most grateful when it goes into the ground from whence cometh all good things… or something like that. Right now, we just want our pipes to thaw so we can shower in our own bathroom and not borrow our daughter’s shower and tub. But the toilet never froze, so that’s proof of some divine intervention, if you ask me.

Valerie MacEwan