March 2017, Slow Cooking Issue


Submittable currently warns us of server issues so we are slow to load but ready for March. Should be around 18 new pieces online within the next few days…

Some Dale Wisely, a bit of Carolyn Flynn, Tom Sheehan, Claire Fullerton, Nelson Lowhim, Tony Mancus, Aimee Keeble, and Alan Good along with Joey Holland, Luisa Reyes, Eve Lyons, Peter Stavros, Ben Thompson

But wait!

There’s More!

Andy Fogle, Josh Patrick Sheridan, Norvin Dickerson, Allison Chestnut, Alex Morgan, Carol Poster, Raymond Whittaker, May Jordan, Meg Stivison and and last but not least: Robert Klein Engler.

So it’s easy to see how great the March issue is going to be. Should be up and running on March 4th at the latest.

We are nothing if not for our readers and writers! Thank yall, ya’ll, y’all for coming by and spending some time with us. Read on, dear ones.