September 2019


September’s got some great writing, y’all. Get your fill of August now and get ready for next month!

(of course, August’s not going anywhere, the Mule remains available each month, it’s not like we delete past issues or anything, duh)

We think the combination of essays, memoirs, poetry and flash fiction will serve up quite the literary dish. Please join us this September first as we welcome:

John Graham
Chris Espenshade
Thomas Cook
Peter Stavros
Jimmie Pennington
Lucinda Trew
Jane Blanchard
Betsy Rupp
Mark A Nobles
Marlene DeVere and
J. A. Dailey

to the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. We will begin taking submissions for next summer in a few weeks. Yup, it’s true. The Mule has already filled up its pages through May 2020. Y’all are such awesome writers! We are proud of what we present to everyone, let me tell you!


Valerie MacEwan