Solomon Foster: Poetry : June 2020

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I live in the very south of the United Kingdom: Southampton. I attend the University of Southampton.

The End of This Week Is Sunday

Former muse,
You lean in and pluck the hanging earring from my right lobe
Pushing my hair back with your knuckles
Keep it in your wallet for years to come until
You send it back in the envelope with a wedding invitation
What was once a reminder of me, is now a reminder of you
I lost the other earring.
Forever muse,
You are climbing up six changing staircases as the years pass
To white rooms
You are my first September
You are a winter stroll through the park
Softly falling snow against my maroon coat
My arm linked with yours in endless time loop. Infinity, infinity.
Future muse,
You are my churchyard grievance
You are my Sunday prayer
I sit at the piano, hide the earring in its seat
Asleep within the envelope, pocketed in the maroon coat.
We framed the invitation,
It lives on the music rack.