The April Mule 2020


Well, we’re all in this together, aren’t we folks? Spend a little time away from the humdrum here on the Mule and read your way into some alternate reality.

If you’re reading the Mule for the first or the fiftieth time, we welcome you to our little corner of the internet. We’ve been online since 1996, every month, plugging along just like an old mule. This month we feature some really fine poetry along with our usual spiffy keen creative non-fiction and fiction.

Welcome to the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. We’re happy to have you here. Mighty happy to say that in MAY 2020, we’ll be asking for submissions again. So sharpen your number 2 pencils, get out that legal pad and commence to writing. Or dust off your keyboard, whatever … We’ll post the submittable link with the May issue.

So stay safe out there. Stay in place, love your family and friends, and keep reading.

If you need someone to talk to, chances are you’ll find us at deadmule at gmail and we can chat.