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Life is but a dream. A dream within a dream. The October issue is online for the most part. There remain a few chapbook reviews left to publish and they’ll be available soon.

Big news:

I attended an extensive workshop that taught how to create Podcasts (audio or video), the Mule seems ready to begin a new phase in our internet life. Twenty-seven plus years creating a text-based literary journal? Probably needs a refresh, a new stall in our considerably large barn, maybe? Thousands of stories, poems, essays, creative non-fiction pieces, let us consider our next move!

But what to record, what will the content be for the Dead Mule Podcast? Reading what’s published here truly is not feasible going backwards but… going forwards, yes, a definite possibility. Perhaps ya’ll could have a “permission to read my work on the Podcast” box to check with your submission? Of course, nothing would be Podcast without the writer’s permission.

Beaufort County Community College‘s Small Business Center director Jack Dugan put together a remarkable all-day Podcast Training session with the oh-so-fabulous success coach Martin Brossman on October 10. If you ever get a chance to meet or listen to Martin, jump on it. (Don’t jump on him, you’ll hurt him.) Marty taught us to edit video and audio files like a pro. It was incredible. Thanks. I sure learned there’s definitely more to the process than talking into my iPhone and uploading the file. Audacity 3.3.3, here we come.

The Mule has absolutely no intention to monetize the Podcast at this time. Recognizing the potential revenue stream that the Mule could generate; I’ve thought about monetary gain through Podcasting or ads or sponsors for quite a while. For decades. But no.

Here’s why I won’t monetize:
1. Writers deserve a share of any revenues received through Podcast sponsorship or patrons. What a headache to keep track of… eh? Finding the writers, figuring out payment (based on clicks? based on length? based on how loud I can howl at the moon?). Keeping track of payments. Bookkeeping nightmares would ensue.

2. The Mule is not a business and has no business entity behind it. It’s me and I publish it. I pay for the hosting and format each issue. The Mule never has never had any ads, never charged submission fees (27 years, y’all), no sponsors. The previous Mule assistant editors deserve credit for keeping the journal online, Helen Losse, C. L. Bledsoe, Phoebe Kate Foster, Kevin Blankenship, and, also, John Biggs for hosting the Mule. What share would they receive because, fair’s fair? The Mule made it 27 years due to their help. The Mule does not want to be a business.

3. Suggestions lately from y’all great folks include a Patreon account so sponsors, patrons, could support the Mule, taking donations, and including advertising. All of that, while great in theory, compounds the amount of work necessary to publish each and every month by exponential quantities. And if you submitted to the Mule in 2023, you don’t need to be reminded how slow the reading process can be.

4. Obligation to writers seems to come up every time Podcasting gets considered. Approval of the recording, input about the recording, it would become a huge time suck. And I really need to get to Ocracoke Island for some surf-fishing and 1718 Brewery’s tart cherry cider. Oh, and the crab-stuffed giant pretzels with beer cheese from Plum Pointe Kitchen. Priorities, people.

Well, if you’ve read this far, thanks. Stream of consciousness with no editing entertains me but y’all might be getting a bit tired of it.

Podcast Conclusion: Yes. The Dead Mule Podcast will happen. In the beginning, it will consist of my flash fiction, around 800 words, and all-important chapters from a few of the unpublished Great American Novels I began and never completed. Then ya’ll give me feedback about recording quality and content.

And Martin Brossman? I’m working on my “ummmm’s” and “uhhhhh’s”. Getting my pregnant pauses fully dilated and ready to deliver (oh, that’s gross). Let’s see where we go from here. Find Martin’s podcasts through links above and listen up, ya’ll. The Success Coach you need to hear.

Stay tuned. Podcast episodes to be announced here and on Facebook. X. Instagram. Apple Podcast etc.