Timothy Gager : Poetry :March 2021


Southern Legitimacy Statement Southern Legitimacy Statement : I went to college in Delaware (not the south) but anyone south of Glasboro, NY, thought they were–and the accents were thick. In my travels, my drives south, I realized that the south was calm and quiet—the way it should be. For that, I am grateful.

Living with Rabbits

A woman once decided to visit 
thought it safe, I live with rabbits 
not preferring women.
Certainly not men, either.

I speak 
to rabbits in
quarantine, or no one 
else in the world. 

Today I sing them songs
about what they are doing 
with their lives, as they sleep
and munch hay into mulch,

And Rabbits boast long back legs
quite strong. they leap forward 
great distances with a single push 
they move  quick– short bursts, 

good for leaping into the air or 
forward over the ground,
when out of their cages, 
I relate 

sometimes…I do too.