Victoria R. A. Nicholls: Poetry: April 2022


Southern Legitimacy Statement: My whole life I never knew that my go-to drink was an area specific thing~ I found out when I went to Arkansas and when I asked for a tea, I was surprised at it being unsweet. I know now that I will forever belong to the land where the sweet tea flows and the pine trees grow. My home is in the South. 

Why They Don’t Follow the Sun, For Them

It feels like stepping into the sunlight,
It feels like being wrapped in the sun,
That they all don’t search for it,
Leaves me wondering,

Where do they run?

It’s like they have all forgotten,
What the grown-ups said to us.
They told us: “not till you grow up”.
It’s like they’ve forgotten,
Why they first wanted to grow up.
It was to do what they wanted,
And always have fun.
And it just makes me wonder,
As I watch them all run.
For they run after the others,
The others, and them.
To them who were falling behind the ones before them.
I think I might always wonder,
Why they run after them,
When all they once wanted was to grow up for them,
For them to do what they wanted and always have fun,
I think I might always wonder,
why they don’t search for the sun.

But when they look back,
I think they just might see,
All the lost time they spent,
Following the others before them, not for them.
So, then it will be them who wonders,
About why they followed the others, and them.
For all they once wanted, was to grow up for them.