Writing Residency Opportunity In Shaanxi Province, China


A head of Shaanxi Writers Association is developing a residency program for Shaanxi Writers Association. He plans to invite a few American artists (poets and writers) to have a residency at Shaanxi Writers Association. A requirement is that the artists should write something about Shaanxi Province after the residency. They would participate in academic exchanges at the Association. They can also work on their own projects while they are here. The duration is ten to fifteen days. The Association will cover all the expenses (meals, transportations and hotel rooms) that would incur in Xi’an. The flight tickets from the US to China should be on the artists themselves. The expected date would be June 2021, depending on the situation of the pandemic. They can postpone that date if the pandemic won’t get any better.

I was wondering if you can recommend one or more of your artist friends to this program and ask them if they would like to participate.

For more information on this opportunity, send me a message through your submittable account. I told my friend in China — it is unlikely anyone in my circle of writer friends would be able or willing to travel to China this spring or summer. But I did feel a responsibility to advertise this unique offer.