August is a huge month for the Mule!


We’re publishing 20 essays, memoirs, short stories, poetry collections … got it going on in August.

Pay attention to our Southern Legitimacy Statements each month. They sure do make the Dead Mule sing. We’ve got some swell ones in August.

Welcome to the Mule. Enjoy your visit. We’re so very happy to see you. Take a moment to read through July but if you’re too late, just keep on clicking at the bottom of the page and you’ll find it (July’s still available through … well through forever, heck there’s enough Mule here in the archives to keep you busy for hours and hours.)

We changed over to managed word press hosting with GoDaddy. This means we migrated the entire database over to a new server. Therefore you may find a glitch or two but we’re working on it. Our site is now “secure” and although it cost a pretty penny, we feel the Mule is worth it. As always, my husband and I pay for all Mule fees from hosting to domain name renewal. Someone suggested a GoFundMe campaign but we decided we’re rather spend out time telling you all about the Mule.

We’ve taken a hiatus from accepting new submissions through September 2019. There are 24 of your currently in the Submittable “bin” and we’ll will get to you soon. We have a full magazine through March 2019 — figured it was time to slow it down a notch.

As always, we appreciate our readers. And — we are nothing without our writers. Looking forward to hearing from you in September. Meanwhile, if you need us, contact me through the Facebook page, let’s see if I can get this right:

That ought to work.

-Valerie MacEwan