Made it through the holidays …

And now, here we are.  The Mule has updated its back-end, its ass is now secure with WordPress updates and we move forward into 2014 with a glad heart.

We will let loose with some mighty fine fiction in February … we found some amazing fiction from 2007 and we hope you enjoy reading it.

March is a big month for everyone here. All new fiction, essays and more. Join us every month for the best of everything.

Let’s see, who’ve we got coming down the Pike?

John Bach.

Byron Crownover — who gives us this fabulous Southern Legitimacy Statement: SLS: Having been born in the middle of the last century, I sometimes feel as old and worn out as some of the farmland surrounding my home. Weeds taking over my mind much as they do to fallow fields, pushing up memories with their roots. Not all of the weeds need to be pulled, but once pulled one thought leads to another and stories, if not exactly true, should be, follow.

I find more and more that the stories surround, and revolve around, the joys that are grand-kids. Having six of said creatures I have plenty of raw material to choose from. I also congratulate myself on not killing their mothers when they were teenagers, although I was sorely tempted at times.

Having been born and raised in the state of Arkansas, I don’t consider myself as a Southern Gentleman, or even a Colonel of the Old South, but rather as just a man, much as my father was, trying to do his best to do the right thing, to be kind to dogs and kids, and to be respectful to my elders, who get fewer and fewer each year.

I guess I am best summed up in the saying, “American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.” There is no other place I’d rather be.

Jackson Culpepper

Gardner Mounce

Kelly Jones

Erin Kelly

and more more more…