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Southern Legitimacy Statement: Editor of online literary journal featuring southern writing since 1996. I have 2 yard dogs and one indoor dog. My Mama made a fresh pitcher of sweet tea every day of the week and two pitchers on Sundays. She, too, ate her cornbread with milk.

Mule Website Update:
We’ve added a drop down * SECTIONS * menu at the top of the site to help those who read from any device other than a complete computer / laptop. I noticed that readers had to scroll forever to get to the meat of the directories on the site so we also limited the # of posts to 5 instead of 12 or 13 like we usually have. Hope this clears up some of the reading problems people have had. If you read from a hand-held device, you’ll get what I’m referring to… otherwise, don’t worry your pretty little heads about it if you read from your computer.

And to our contributors! Thank you for sending in such wonderful work. You completely amaze me with your talent and your dedication to the craft. Thanks again.

And thanks to Assistant Editor CL Bledsoe for all his hard work. The Mule would truly cease to function without his careful attention.

-Valerie MacEwan