The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

Past Mules


Visited the WayBack Machine on and found this from 2002. We’d just begun rebuilding the Dead Mule. The Mule’s been revived three times in the last 22 years. She always rises from the dead, somehow. Lots of databases, lots of writers.

Thought this list of past writers might be interesting … anybody still out there? I recall so many of these names.

This summer, look for Fiction, Essays, and more CounterWord by:
Vernon Welman
Ed Lynskey
Wayne Scheer
A. White
D. R. Peak
Lamar White
Lewis D. Chaney
David Lawson
Celia McClinton
Louella Bryant
Alfred G. Lapitino
Todd Morehead
David Ritchie
Scot Isom
Dave Malone
Mike Powers
J. F. Moore
Jeff Martindale
James Tynes
Charles Davis
and more…
Poetry Blast Featuring:
J. D. Heskin
Susan K. Rowse
J. F. Moore
Micah Holstrom
Dyan Sandefer
Don Whitmer
Tony Doyle
Beverly Jackson
Brian Brown
Gerald Bosacker
Louella Bryant
Pris Campbell
Carter Monroe
C. Nolan Deweese
Eric Hudson
Jeff Kersh
Tim Peeler
Marion Rosser
Shelly Reed
Daniel Hoda-Shook
Kathryn Perry Blue
Thomas Fortenberry