Reid Mitchell: LOUIS ARMSTRONG ORDERS THE 101th AIRBORNE (February 2019)


Southern Legitimacy Statement: “Georgia and Louisiana–specifically New Orleans which the rest of Louisiana hates anyway–are both located in the South and they are where I come from. My family came to Virginia from the British Isles; migrated to Georgia; didn’t spread out much till after World War II, and my branch landed in New Orleans when I was two years old.  I grew up with people in New Orleans telling me I was southern and southerners outside of New Orleans telling me I didn’t sound southern, and Yankees telling me, ‘Oh yes you do.’

“All I know is Yankees talk funny.”


Ambassador Satch, my ass

You know that State Department
expects me to go to Russia
thinks hot trumpet can warm up
those cold motherfuckers

What if one of those Russians
ask me about Little Rock?  

Have to tell him a colored man 
doesn't have any country
or at least not these United States
The way they are treating my people in the South
the government can go to hell

Look here I can play Central High
in Grand Forks, North Dakota

but our sons and daughters can't step foot
in Central High, Little Rock,  Arkansas

Governor called out the National Guard
National Guard?

What nation they guarding?
Not no nation a colored man can join

President's a two-face
a worrisome thing
left folks like me and these children
to sing the blues all day and night

He's got no guts
Most powerful man in the world
can't pick up a telephone
and get protection for nine children?

He could beat Hitler but not Faubus?

When I see on television a crowd 
spitting on a little colored girl 
I got a right to get sore

She didn't ask to be born 
so black and blue

What you white folks need
is a large dose of Swiss Kriss

That just might clean out your shit

Oh, say can you motherfucking see 
By the motherfucking dawn's early light


Show me what you wrote
on that yellow legal paid.


That's just what I said and what I still say
and I'm going to say again tomorrow
and every day until that two-face does
something for my people

When he's ready to march 
alongside those little colored kids
and parade through that school house door

then he can ask for Ambassador Satch 
I'll sing God Bless America then

White boy, don't take a word out of this story