The May 2020 Issue


We’ve got fiction, essays, poetry, creative non-fiction. Wow, the Mule’s plate is certainly full this month. Twenty-four years ago, when I first started publishing the Mule, formatting was one page at a time, about an hour a page. Now the Mule has a “back-end” of managed WordPress, via GoDaddy whose expertise is now superior to mine.

We will begin accepting submissions again in June 2020. Right now, we’re plumb filled up ¬†through October 2020. Ya’ll sharpen your Number Two pencils, polish up that keyboard, get your brains in gear and start thinking about what to send us! We love creative non-fiction, essays and reminiscences of any kind. You don’t have to tell a Southern tale to be accepted.

Poetry? We get tons of it so we’re slow to respond to it. Fiction and essays, especially flash, will get our attention for sure.

Thanks for your support over the last two and a half decades. We are nothing if not for ya’ll, our readers and our writers. We are humbled by our success.

Here’s to staying safe, staying home and staying healthy. This too shall pass, we’ve just got to be in it for the long haul. Sure, some of you are out there protesting not getting a new tattoo or a haircut, but I promise you, one day you’ll be able to do whatever your little heart desires again. Not being sarcastic, just being real.

Enjoy May. It’s my favorite month. Flowers popping out everywhere and gorgeous weather here in the south. Wherever you are: Bloom where you are planted.