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William Walsh

Fly Fishing in Times Square

The seventh book from William Walsh is an award-winning collection of poems, Fly Fishing in Times Square, where he recalls the past in order to discover meaning in the present and future. From Červená Barva Press in Boston, the Editor Prize  

Fly Fishing in Times Square, will be officially released on January 2, 2020. You can pre-order now and it will be shipped as soon as the copies arrive in a few weeks.

Denise Duhamel calls Fly Fishing in Times Square “a love letter to America.”

Richard Blanco (Presidential Inaugural Poet) says, “With a keen and painterly eye, Walsh masterfully renders the poetic, mysterious landscapes of memory and place. . . .”

David Bottoms writers, “With amazing vision and linguistic skill Walsh explores the desires and realities of domestic life in America. These powerful poems never fail to lead us to ask the right questions. . . .”

The first review is in by Michael White, where he states, 

  • Walsh’s poems in Fly Fishing in Times Square are tales from the great American playbook. . . . 
  • Walsh is a poet who is also a master storyteller. . . .
  •  [This is] not just a collection of poems. . . this is storytelling in poetic form. . . a modern Iliad and Odyssey, it is a quest told in poetic form.
  • [Walsh] is a child of Whitman. . . .
  • It is rare for a poet to write a book of poems that is a page turner. . . [this] is the story of how to make art out of life. . . .

With poems like “Uncle Harvey’s Airship,” “Brook Trout Along the Ellijay River,”

“The Boy Who Loved Corvettes,” “Wine Tasting at Wilber and Rudy’s Farm Table,” “Why Otters Hold Hands,” and “Canoeing into the Afterlife” – this is an award-winning collection.